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Pressure Point Massage


What is Massage?

Massage / soft tissue therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues within the body - including muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons and ligaments. A variety of techniques are used to help prevent and resolve many aches and pains, whether acute or chronic. The techniques are aimed to improve range of movement, reduce pain, help to correct muscle imbalance and prevent areas of adhesion formation. 

What are the benefits of massage?

  • reduce muscular tension

  • pain relief 

  • increases flexibility and mobility 

  • speed up recovery - whether that's between workouts or injury 

  • improve posture and muscular performance 

  • prevent injury - aids early recognition of potential issues that can lead to injury 

  • improves circulation and lowers heart rate 

  • reduces stress and anxiety 

What types of massage do I offer? 

  • sports massage 

  • deep tissue massage (light - deep pressure tailored to your needs)

  • relaxation and de-stress treatment 

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